Personal injury solicitors*

If you have been hurt as a result of someone’s carelessness you need Personal Injury Solicitors to advise you on the possibility of redress. We will treat you as a real person, not just a Personal Injury Solicitors Claim.


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Advantages of talking to us

We will be able to explain how long your claim will take to settle.

95% * Success Rate

*Since 2015, in over 95% of cases (where the PIAB Assessment has been rejected by the claimant) Gary Matthews Solicitors has obtained a more favourable outcome for his clients.

Your Consultation


Personal Injury is stressful enough as we know and you will probably be meeting a new experienced personal injury solicitor for the first time. So we are happy to offer a consultation to start the ball rolling. At this consultation we will review the accident that caused your personal injuries and discuss with you and your family your various options for making a successful Personal Injury claim .

We will also clearly outline for you the likely claims process (Injuries Board PIAB), and your various options available and the possible time it will take to conclude the Personal Injury claim .

We will be proactive and also make recommendations on the path to follow.

So call us on 01 9696263 or fill out the contact form and send it to us for your Personal Injury Claim.

Your Consultation

We do not have to tell you that your time is valuable. You are right to be assessing the use of your time, especially if you have suffered a personal injury and medical treatment is a clear priority. “Why should I spend 30 minutes of my time speaking to a Personal Injury Solicitor?” The clear and correct answer is this: they make it the most important meeting that you can have following your Personal Injury. This is an opportunity for us to assess your accident and Personal Injury and start to help you to put together a plan of action and to develop a strategy for your future.

This is what we offer;

  1. Your options are explained
  2. Your first consultation at your convenience
  3. Assessing the value of your claim by reference to the Book of Quantum
  4. Convenient appointments to suit you
  5. You get justice after your accident
  6. Let us be your relentless advocatePersonal Injury Solicitors for All Accidents

If you need further information then do not hesitate and either call us now or fill in your contact details on the website and we will call you back at your convenience.