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If you have been hurt as a result of someone’s carelessness you need Personal Injury Solicitors to advise you on the possibility of redress. We will treat you as a real person, not just a Personal Injury Solicitors Claim.


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Car Accident Claims

So we are all perfect drivers and never get involved in a car accident? In fact car crashes may be more common than we think. In a study made in 2012 drivers had a road traffic accident on average every 165000 miles or 264000 kilometres that means that most of us will be involved in a road traffic accident at least once in our lives and may be more than once.

If you have a traffic accident with a third party that was not your fault and you and or your passengers suffered a personal injury then you may be able to file accident claims for compensation for the injuries sustained.

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What to do after a Road Traffic Accident

What should you do at the scene of the accident if you are unfortunately involved in a traffic accident? Remember that road traffic accidents can involve cars, Lorries, buses, bikes and pedestrians are accidents in public.

Do not forget that car crashes are very stressful. The points that are listed below are of critical importance for you and your passengers, if you have any passengers, in order to make a successful injury claim for compensation for your injuries;

  • Make sure that everyone involved in the car accident are alright and if seriously injured that they are as comfortable as they possibly can be.
  • Call the nearest ambulance service for medical attention for them to come (do not forget to tell them where you are!) if there are injuries to people involved in the traffic accident that need hospital treatment.
  • Call the Gardai and inform them of the accident, its location and how many vehicles are involved and to whether people are suffering personal injury. Get the address of the Garda station
  • Take the details of the other vehicles involved in the traffic accident at the accident scene including the;
    • Name and address of the driver or drivers involved in other words their contact information
    • The name and address of the owner or owners of the vehicles if different to the driver or drivers
    • Registration number of the vehicles or vehicle involved
    • Get the drivers insurance, including the name of the Insurance company, the policy number and expiry date of the insurance policy for the vehicles or vehicle involved
    • Give your insurance details, name and address and registration number to the other driver or drivers
    • Get the names and addresses of any third party witnesses that may be useful in your claim for personal injury before you leave the scene
  • Being involved in a traffic accident can be very stressful; but you need to remain calm and polite AND under no circumstances should you admit liability under any situation or leave the scene of the road accident until you have all the pertinent details, especially the insurance details to make a successful personal injury claim for financial compensation.
  • Inform the other drivers that you will be reporting the details of the road traffic accident to your insurance company and do that as soon as you possibly can.
  • If a driver involved in the car accident admits liability at the scene pay no attention as often they will change their minds after taking legal advice. If liability is admitted then get it down in writing and get the driver who has admitted liability to sign it.
  • When it is physically possible take time to visit a Personal Injury solicitor who specialises in car accident claims. A car accident claims solicitors will look at your injuries sustained and give you claims advice on financial compensation for your injuries.
  • In the event that the third party responsible for the road traffic accident has no insurance and is therefore an uninsured driver and consequently no insurance company behind them your claims solicitor will explain the claims process for accident injury compensation with the motor insurers bureau of Ireland.
  • You will need to visit the garda station to obtain a copy of their accident report as normally they produce a report on accidents in public and especially a road accident.

If you have suffered an injury arising from a car accident through the negligence of a third party which is causing pain and suffering then what you need on your side is a car accident claims solicitors.

You have not suffered a work place injury and you are not making a medical negligence claim. So do not hesitate and either call us now for further information on road traffic accident claims or fill in your contact details on the contact form (enquiry form) on the website and we will call you back at your convenience.

Law Society of Ireland

The Law Society of Ireland is charged with regulating all solicitors in Ireland whether they practice Medical Negligence or Family law or Commercial law. Why should you know this? Firstly this fact relates to legal fees. In other parts of the world injury lawyers can charge a proportion or a percentage the accident compensation.

That is not allowed in Ireland where legal fees are based on the time spent on the case. Indeed on all paperwork, advertising and websites solicitors have to have the following text “In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.” That is pretty clear!

Although Personal injury solicitors are not allowed to advertise No Win No Fee * agreements (sometimes known as No Win No Foal * or Contingency agreements) by the Law Society there is nothing stopping your claims solicitor from offering you a No Win No Fee * agreement.

What is a No Win No Fee * agreement? Basically it means that if you lose your accident personal injury claim you pay nothing to your Personal Injury solicitor Dublin at all. If you win then you may have to pay your injury solicitor, although in more and more cases the loser pays your injury solicitor’s fees. So do not hesitate and either call us now for further information or fill in your contact details on the contact form (enquiry form) on the website and we will call you back at your convenience.

Useful Information

The Statute of Limitation in Ireland for injury compensation is two years, except for minors (people who have not attained their majority of eighteen years of age). That means that compensation claims for injuries suffered in a road traffic accident need to be filed within that two year period, except if the injured person is a minor. For information in Medical Negligence claims it is two years from finding out that negligence has occurred.

If an uninsured driver is responsible for the car accident which caused your injuries then the Motor Insurers will cover the road traffic accident claim. The Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland was set some years ago to cover this ever increasing eventuality as it is estimated by some that up to 10% of drivers on the road today have no insurance.

So do not hesitate and either call us now for further information or fill in your contact details on the contact form (enquiry form) on the website and we will call you back at your convenience.

Injuries Board / PIAB

All motor accident claims for compensation have to be submitted to the Injuries Board, formerly known as the PIAB. The Injuries Board was set up by Government some time ago in order to both regulate the Personal Injury sector, as two people with similar injuries were getting settlements that could be very different for the same injury and to make it cheaper for victims with injuries to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

How is it cheaper? Simply you in theory do not need an injury lawyer in order to make for example a car accident claim for compensation.

The reasons for setting up the Injuries board were excellent. However there are flaws to the system that emphasise the need for an injury claim solicitor from day one.

These are some of the reasons why you need Personal Injury Solicitors on board from the start

  1. In submitting an Injuries board form for an injury claim with incorrect information means that your injury claim will be rejected. A miss spelling of an address of the insurance company for example will result in a rejection many months after submitting. This may put your claim in jeopardy bearing in mind the Statute of Limitation of two years
  2. The Injuries board only recommends settlements or awards. None of the parties are bound by the recommendation. That means negotiation or a court case. If you ask a Personal Injury Solicitor at this late stage to get involved it will be more difficult, many months after the traffic accident to find both the evidence as memories are short and to find witnesses will be more difficult.

So do not hesitate and either call us now for further information or fill in your contact details on the contact form (enquiry form) on the website and we will call you back at your convenience.

If you need further information then do not hesitate and either call us now or fill in your contact details on the website and we will call you back at your convenience.